Elayna’s Beauty Blog

Being in the beauty industry for 15+ years now (as a makeup artist and skin care therapist) I’ve tried many skin care products always looking for the “next best thing” for optimum results.

I started a strict skin care ritual in my 20’s, being contentious of my morning and night regime, and my daily sunscreen application.

Soon after becoming a licensed esthetician in 2002, I also added monthly facials and peels to further offset the aging process.

By age 35, I started becoming aware of what I ingested internally, furthering my knowledge of how good skin also works from the inside out.

I didn’t delve completely into the all natural skincare movement, but I was more aware that many conventional skincare products in the marketplace carried parabens and carnicergerns in their ingredients, even when applied topically to the skin.

In 2008, I started working for The Vein Doctor Medical Group,

And was introduced to the Body Deli skincare line of raw and organic “food for the skin”.

I wanted to see if the live enzymes, amino acids and antioxidants would prove to be the best for my over all skin health.

I tracked my progress on a machine called *Visia, that measures, pore size, texture of the skin, surface and underlying sun damage, as well as wrinkle indentations. It compared my results on a scale of 3,000 women my same age and skin type.

In less then 6 months, my average rating for skin health went up significantly (roughly 40% improvement)

It was apparent in my *Visia scores that I had pore size reduction, refined texture, less prominent sun damage, as well as reduction in wrinkles.

I would recommend the Body Deli skincare line to everyone who wants to achieve optimum skin health results!

** Visia is a registered trademark of Canfield Imaging Systems

The percentiles are useful in providing a baseline assessment of the overall condition of one’s complexion.

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